Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday #1


Welcome to What I Wore Wednesdays!!!

In my last post I told you that I almost never buy my clothes new. But if I do, it is for a very inexpensive price. Here is one outfit to show you just how much I actually send on myself.


This entire outfit cost me $11.50!!! I know I can’t believe it either!050.5

Shoes Old Navy $2.50059


Pants Gap (from a garage sale = GS) $1.00059



Black tank top Wal-Mart $5.00, sweat shirt Forever 21 (GS) $2.00 and my necklace was from the same garage sale for $

Let me brake it down for you.

  • Shoes - Old Navy $2.50
  • Pants - Gap (from a garage sale = GS) $1.00
  • Black tank top Wal-Mart $5.00
  • Sweat shirt Forever 21 (GS) $2.00
  • Necklace (GS) $1.00

That is how the total cost of this outfit came to be $11.50!!!! The best part about this outfit is that I can brake is apart and use all of the pieces for other outfits.  I would say it was a good deal, Do you agree?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inside My Closet!


My favorite part of the day has to be getting ready in the morning. I love picking out what I am going to wear that day. I have so many things to choose from and most of which I don’t buy new. I get most of my wardrobe second hand from friends, family, good will or garage sales.  Since I have so many things I have to make sure I keep everything very organized so I don’t forget about what I have.

The first thing I do in the morning is pick out what I am going to wear, so I look in my closet.

In my closet from left to right: I have  my skirts, dresses and then T-shirts.  Below my skirts I have my long sleeve shirts and sweat shirts.  I also keep my jeans and tank tops in my dresser draws. There just isn’t enough room in my closet for all my clothes.458


I then walk over to my shoe shelf and pick out what shoes I am going to wear. Shoes are very important part of ones outfit :)464


Next I pick out a purse. 465


Then comes my jewelry. 466


You can’t forget about earrings.477


Last but not least come belts and head bands to complete the whole outfit.474

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My New Bed Room


This past summer my brother graduated from college and moved back home.  He was planning on moving into my room since I was going to be moving out.  Since the wedding was called off, it was only fair of me to give him my room anyways and I move back in with my 2 sisters.  I use to share a room with them a few years back so I didn’t mind doing it again. Even though they have the largest room in the house it was still rather hard to fit all of my stuff in.


Just because it is the largest doesn’t mean it is the most ideal.  It doesn’t have a closet.  So, My dad and mom hung 2 rods on the wall with a shelf on the top of each.459


Then they used pluming pipes and bed sheet to cover it up so you can’t see the clothes.484

We bought the pink blanket brand new from goodwill for $20, which we found out later that week at Target for $80.  My mom used the quilt that my great grandmother made and sewed it on top of the pink blanket. Then made 2 additional throw pillows with the 4 extra squares. She is so talented!485


I bought this barely used couch for only $125!!!! I couldn’t believe it! New it cost $1500486

I couldn’t believe the deal that I got on this table.  I bought this $1800 pottery barn table with 2 leaves and 4 chairs for ONLY $75!!!!  That’s right $75, it was love at first sight!!!483


With 3 people in 1 room there will always be 3 times as many things. Including laundry!! 487

It took a lot of work but we finally got our room in order.

So what do you think did we do a good job decorating one room for 3 girls of 3 different ages (21,13,11) and 3 totally different personalities and styles?

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Computer Cord Broke

Hi all..
I just wanted to say that my computer cord broke and I had to order a new one! I am so sorry for not being able to post anything in a while. I ordered the cord last week and it still hasn't come. I finely found some time to write some posts and I can't up load them because I use live-writer.  Although it should be up and running in no time! I have a lot in store so I can't wait to share everything. 

Thanks for being so patient



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