Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Gift To My 11th Sibling!


At 8 lbs 2 oz and 20 1/2 inches long, we welcomed number 12 to the family.  She has made a very beautiful addition to our family! 


As a gift to my mom (From Parents Of A Dozen) I gave her a Baby Diaper Cake! This is a very easy, yet beautiful gift to give.178

To start, you need to role the diapers with the front side down, rolling from the open side to the close side. 133 

In the center of the diaper wrap a rubber band twice around the diaper to hold in place.136 138

Repeat process to all 90 to 100 diapers.  140

The first circle should have about 8 diapers. As you can see I replaced the middle diaper with a white onesie. This way she will be surprised when she starts to take apart the cake!


Continue to add more diapers to the bottom tier of the cake. 146

Make your next 3 tiers a little smaller than the one underneath it. I used wooden skewers to help keep the cake in place and to keep it standing up straight. 156 

Once you have all of your tiers stacked, make sure you have all of the rubber bands aliened.159

Cover all of the rubber bands with a ribbon of your choice. 161 

I walked away for a second and I came back to this! Thanks number 7!! :)163

I then add the flowers. As you are putting things onto the cake it may start to tilt so keep an eye out for that and try to correct it before it is too late. I was able to correct mine!! 164 

Next I added the rest of the accessories to the cake. 178


Bringing a little one into the world is a very beautiful thing. You have to be very careful choosing the products that you use on a newborn baby. Did you know that within 90 seconds of putting something on your skin, chemicals seep into your pours and get into your blood stream.

There have been clinical studies done where doctors have taken a urine sample and told the patient what kind of fabric softener she/he was using!    

So it is very important that we use only the best for our loved ones.


I gave her Gentle Wash for bath time!183 

Diaper Rash Cream!180

Soothing Lotion!181 

And last, but not least Message Oil!182


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Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Make Dried Pineapple!!

Bardain of the week!!!

This week I was shopping at the grocery store only to find that pineapple was on sale for $0.99.  I love pineapple so naturally I couldn’t pass it up!  If you know my family you know that I can’t just buy one pineapple so I bought them all lol!
There are a couple of things that I have made using these pineapples.039
First I cut the top off the pineapple.040 
Next I use our handy dandy pineapple cutter  041042


Then you pull the pineapple out!

I then put a Stainless Steal cookie sheet on a jelly role pan. 061
Cut one side of the pineapple!063
Place the pineapple on the cookie sheet. 065
Pre-heat your oven to the lowest temperature it goes to, mine goes all the way down to 170. Also  I put a wooden spoon in the door to keep the over propped open while dehydrating. 074
It will take several hours to dehydrate the the pineapple and some might finish before the others, just keep checking them.075
I also cut up some of the other pineapples into smaller pieces so I could freeze.066
I put the pineapple in a freezer container and put it in the freezer.072

What is your favorite fruit?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Secret to Life!!


Would you like to know the secret of life?

Down through the years, there have been many stories and anecdotes about
people who are searching for the secret of life.  The secret of life,
according to the well-known psychiatrist, Dr. David Viscott, is that  there
is no secret.  I agree.

It's hard work, determination, and effective thinking backed up by
persistent action that brings you success in life, not any magic lamp or
winning lottery ticket. 

I'll bet you knew that all along, didn't you?  I'll bet you also know  that
the purpose of life is to discover and develop your own unique gifts,
whatever they may be, and that the meaning of life comes from sharing  your
gifts with others.

Pretty simple, huh?  And the key to all this, the glue that holds it
together and allows you to create something truly wonderful, is
accountability, or responsibility... if you prefer.

While it's true that many things that have happened to you are not your
fault, you didn't cause them, in every case you chose to react in your  own
way.  Of course, accepting responsibility for your reactions to events
means you have to stop blaming others for your problems, but it also
empowers you to change what you need to change and move on.

After all, in the words of the Swahili saying, "It is not what name  others
call you that matters, but what name you respond to that truly determines
who you are."

Just a little saying to help keep us going!! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy St. Valentines Day


First off I would like to say Happy St. Valentines Day to every a day late. St Valentines Days is one day out of a year that couples can show their love for the other person. What about the other 364 day a year?  Shouldn’t we show our loved ones that we love them everyday?


Just a side note!

This is Brandon, my boyfriend of going on 6 months. He was the teller at my bank for almost 2 years before we started hanging out. It turns out that he went to my high school, lives in my neighborhood and lives on Elizabeth Lane. Crazy huh?

God has been so good to me that I am so thankful that he has brought Brandon into my life. I am pretty sure that no one has ever treated me better than he has. Which brings me to the rest of my post.



This year I told Brandon that I didn’t want to go out on Valentines Day. He was very nice about it and politely asked me why. I explained to him how I felt about this particular holiday and how it has turned into somewhat of a hallmark holiday. 

I Love the idea of showing people that you love them. Showing people that you love them is one thing but doing it because society says you should is another. I want them to do something because they want to, not because they have to.

You ladies will never believe what Brandon did for me… 079That’s right he made me a candle light dinner at his house. But get this, it wasn’t just a candle light dinner it was a surf and turf dinner served with red wine and accompanied by a beautiful flower bouquet!!! OMGosh… It was so amazingly delicious!!! I still can’t believe that he made it all by himself, I was very impressed.


We started out with a salad where he even made his own croutons.  080

Then we had shrimp kabobs glazed with a warm garlic butter for an appetizer.084


For the main meal we had beef filet mignon wrapped in bacon, crab legs and lobster!100 

But that is not all… we had ice-cream for dessert toped with thawed raspberries.111 

As you can see Brandon went above and beyond with everything he did. This has to be, by far, the best Valentines Day I have ever had. I can tell that he really cares and that he wanted to do this for me!

What was your favorite Valentines Day and What did you do?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Hoped For a Little To Much Snow!!!!


Last week my family and I woke up to mounds and mounds of snow, leaving us trapped in for hours.  Not only were we trapped but we had to shovel as well.  Altogether it took us over 3 hours to shovel and right when we were getting finished… The plow came down our street. 


Yes you read that right, 53 Inches!!!127

My brother is standing right there!069

Can you see where the road should be?073

Here is our neighbor snow-blowing his driveway, he didn’t have as many helping hands as we do.028

Luckily he got some help!064054048047042 I would have to say that the wind chill was the worst part. As you can see everyone is covered from head to toe. 043045There are looking for the mailbox!!076 081  Despite the cold we had a lot of fun!085 091 095 108 110 120 121 124We finally finished!146

Did any of you get hit by this big storm?


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