Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Great Garage Sale Week!!!


I had another great garage sale week and I can’t believe I everything got.  I got everything on this table for 24 dollars. Isn’t that a great bargain? I am still taking it all in! I can’t wait to show you how I use everything in my apartment… ha ha ha when I get one! 117 

I bought all of this glass wear for $6.50!! 119


6 red plates and a red table clothe only $5120


Salad spinner $3, stock pot FREE (it was my brothers, just until I get one with a colander). $0.50 for 3 plastic I don’t know what you call them.  I know that you can make perogies, appetizers and a lot of other things with them.  Does anyone have any good recipes?121


A new white blanket $3. 122


2 beautiful pictures $6. 125

Let me know what you think! 

Also if you have any good recipes for my perogy maker! I would love to try them!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Strawberry Cinch Shake




I have been doing the Cinch Diet for a few months now and I absolutely love it!!  I have the Cinch Shake for 2 meals out of my day, breakfast and lunch.  Most of the time I am on the go with work so I need something quick, easy and delicious.

On days when I am working, I mix one scoop of the Cinch powder with 8 to 10 oz of whole milk.

Although on my days off I like to change it up a little bit and add the powder to my  home made smoothies. 



All I need for my delicious strawberry shake is:

  • 4 Fresh Strawberries (frozen will work just as well)
  • 1/2 Cup of  Ice, about 6 pieces (if Strawberries are Fresh)
  • 1 scoop of vanilla cinch
  • 1/2 Cup of whole milk
  • 1/2 Teaspoon vanilla
  • A pinch of stevia (a natural sweetener)001


Here comes the easy part! Put everything in the blender and blend till smooth.003


Pour into a glass and enjoy! 004


This is only one of my many Cinch recipes, I have a lot more coming soon!

I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Best Garage Sale Day Ever!

I just had my best garage sale day I have ever had and probably will ever have!

Most of you know that I am getting married in July.  Although, my fiancĂ© is getting an apartment in June and we are going to need a lot of things to get us started. 

My mom just had a wedding shower for us. We had received a lot of beautiful gifts that we are very grateful for.  Although there were a lot of things on our registry that we had not received. 

This past weekend there was a neighborhood garage sale that I couldn’t pass up. There were over 250 homes participating in this area wide. I was ready to shop till I drop and that is just what I did.  We started shopping at no where else than the million dollar homes first.


Believe it or not but I spent less than $115 for everything! I will brake it down for you.036


Red garbage can $0.50 because it was a little dent on the top.  What a steal!!! :)078


Coach Purse $5, white blanket $5 and a Pottery Barn pillow case $2.50.  037


8 red pillows $10 I talked them down from $16, queen bed skirt and 2 pillow shames $7 they were asking $10!037


Magazine Rack was $4. I got it for $2071


Clothes, all of these and more for $35076


I got everything on this table for $17.25!039


Both for $6, although my mom gave it to me for my birthday. Thanks mom!041


I got two queen size down blankets for FREE!!! I asked the lady what size they were and she said “Oh just take them, I don’t even want them anymore.” I thought to myself, isn’t that why your having a garage sale?  lol, either way I was so happy.  I will wash them before I use them of course (see upcoming post)060


I can’t wait to put everything up in the my house, that I don’t have lol.044   

Crate & Barrel Mirror $25, this was my most expensive purchase of the day! But totally worth it!!070 

I paid $3 for this picture frame which I talked them down from $5!! This is going to hold our first wedding picture. 044 

I got this beauty for ONLY $10!!!! They were asking $20.069


Pottery Barn picture frame $1. Decorative branches $0.50.068


I got this for $2 because there is a little crack in it, although that can be fixed! :)072


I don’t know what I am going to do with this yet but I am sure I will put it to good use! besides it was only $1 so I couldn’t pass it up! 074


I love this picture frame.  I didn’t want to buy it because it was $4, so my mom bought it for me! Thanks mom! The glass vase… FREE! She gave it to me.  I guess everyone really wanted to get rid of their old stuff because everyone kept giving me things.  Or maybe I just know how to bargain! ;)073 

I know that this will come in handy. I got 2 for $2. Plus they are collapsible and will fit anywhere. 042


I got a beautiful shower curtain, the clear plastic curtain and cute white hooks all for $5 and I got them all at different garage sales too.I can’t wait to use them! 064 

Now that you have seen everything that I bought, can you believe that I got it all for 113.75?  And this is not the best part… I saved almost $45 by bargaining.  Don’t be afraid to ask down on any items, the worst they could say is no! Be bold!!! :) It will pay off, I guarantee!!


Let me know what you think about my best Garage sale day EVER!!!!


Look out for my up coming posts about how I use all of these thing in my apartment…. that Wally and I are going to get! 

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mother bloggers out there. 



One and Only



Everlasting love

Role model in Christ


Here is a picture of my mom with her husband, 11 children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and 4 grand children.  I don’t know how she does it!  Thank you mom for everything!


Thank God for Moms!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Inches Continue to Drop


I can’t believe another month has come and gone since my last Cinch Post . There are less than 100 days till my wedding. I am so excited!!! 392

This past weekend my mom hosted a beautiful wedding shower for me. 

I knew that a lot of my family and friends, that I haven’t seen in a long time, were going to be there. I wanted to buy new dress for this very special occasion. 

So I went shopping to no other place than Good Will, my favorite store EVER!!! :)

I looked for a dress in size 10 (because I thought I was a size 10) I tried on a few dresses but none that I really liked.  I was about to leave when I checked the rack one more time.  This time I looked through every dress size just to see if any dresses got put in the wrong place.  And that is when I found this simple black dress for only $5.99.    

This is the GREAT part.  The dress was a size 8, you read that right, I said size 8!!!! I almost couldn’t believe it myself, I had gone from a 10 / 12 to a size 8!!!!

I almost didn’t believe it. I knew that my younger sister was a size 8 so just to be sure that this dress wasn’t just a big 8 I tried on almost all of her jeans. They FIT!!!!!! :) I hope see doesn’t mind me barrowing her clothes lol!!!

Latest Weight Loss Updates

I just wanted to update everyone on my Cinch Diet progress!

In my last months cinch post I told you all about my daily routine for my cinch diet. I have to say that this month I didn’t stick to my routine as well as I should have.  Although I have been eating a healthy meal as a substitute for my cinch shake. 


I am down 13 pounds since I started this diet but that isn’t the best part!!

I lost 19 1/2 inches everywhere, I couldn’t believe it!!! (Then again it is the inch loss program lol I should believe it)

I still have all of my muscle and I haven’t lost any of my energy. I am always on the go!

I am now a size 8 and I fit into my younger sisters clothes!!! Yay a whole new wardrobe :) I am going to need to barrow her clothes because none of my clothes fit anymore!! 

I guess it is time to go shopping!! Yay! :)





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