Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Great Garage Sale Week!!!


I had another great garage sale week and I can’t believe I everything got.  I got everything on this table for 24 dollars. Isn’t that a great bargain? I am still taking it all in! I can’t wait to show you how I use everything in my apartment… ha ha ha when I get one! 117 

I bought all of this glass wear for $6.50!! 119


6 red plates and a red table clothe only $5120


Salad spinner $3, stock pot FREE (it was my brothers, just until I get one with a colander). $0.50 for 3 plastic I don’t know what you call them.  I know that you can make perogies, appetizers and a lot of other things with them.  Does anyone have any good recipes?121


A new white blanket $3. 122


2 beautiful pictures $6. 125

Let me know what you think! 

Also if you have any good recipes for my perogy maker! I would love to try them!


  1. Wow you did great!!! What bargains! I love the square red plates and you'll adore having a salad spinner!


  2. Thanks Heather, I was so happy to find that salad spinner because I put the same one on my wedding registry and I didn't get it. So for 3 dollars I couldn't pass it up! :)

  3. I'm so glad I stopped by your fabulous blog !!! I'm loving all your garage sale finds !!! I love finding a bargain !!!
    I'm your newest follower and will be stopping by often :)



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