Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Best Garage Sale Day Ever!

I just had my best garage sale day I have ever had and probably will ever have!

Most of you know that I am getting married in July.  Although, my fianc√© is getting an apartment in June and we are going to need a lot of things to get us started. 

My mom just had a wedding shower for us. We had received a lot of beautiful gifts that we are very grateful for.  Although there were a lot of things on our registry that we had not received. 

This past weekend there was a neighborhood garage sale that I couldn’t pass up. There were over 250 homes participating in this area wide. I was ready to shop till I drop and that is just what I did.  We started shopping at no where else than the million dollar homes first.


Believe it or not but I spent less than $115 for everything! I will brake it down for you.036


Red garbage can $0.50 because it was a little dent on the top.  What a steal!!! :)078


Coach Purse $5, white blanket $5 and a Pottery Barn pillow case $2.50.  037


8 red pillows $10 I talked them down from $16, queen bed skirt and 2 pillow shames $7 they were asking $10!037


Magazine Rack was $4. I got it for $2071


Clothes, all of these and more for $35076


I got everything on this table for $17.25!039


Both for $6, although my mom gave it to me for my birthday. Thanks mom!041


I got two queen size down blankets for FREE!!! I asked the lady what size they were and she said “Oh just take them, I don’t even want them anymore.” I thought to myself, isn’t that why your having a garage sale?  lol, either way I was so happy.  I will wash them before I use them of course (see upcoming post)060


I can’t wait to put everything up in the my house, that I don’t have lol.044   

Crate & Barrel Mirror $25, this was my most expensive purchase of the day! But totally worth it!!070 

I paid $3 for this picture frame which I talked them down from $5!! This is going to hold our first wedding picture. 044 

I got this beauty for ONLY $10!!!! They were asking $20.069


Pottery Barn picture frame $1. Decorative branches $0.50.068


I got this for $2 because there is a little crack in it, although that can be fixed! :)072


I don’t know what I am going to do with this yet but I am sure I will put it to good use! besides it was only $1 so I couldn’t pass it up! 074


I love this picture frame.  I didn’t want to buy it because it was $4, so my mom bought it for me! Thanks mom! The glass vase… FREE! She gave it to me.  I guess everyone really wanted to get rid of their old stuff because everyone kept giving me things.  Or maybe I just know how to bargain! ;)073 

I know that this will come in handy. I got 2 for $2. Plus they are collapsible and will fit anywhere. 042


I got a beautiful shower curtain, the clear plastic curtain and cute white hooks all for $5 and I got them all at different garage sales too.I can’t wait to use them! 064 

Now that you have seen everything that I bought, can you believe that I got it all for 113.75?  And this is not the best part… I saved almost $45 by bargaining.  Don’t be afraid to ask down on any items, the worst they could say is no! Be bold!!! :) It will pay off, I guarantee!!


Let me know what you think about my best Garage sale day EVER!!!!


Look out for my up coming posts about how I use all of these thing in my apartment…. that Wally and I are going to get! 


  1. I LOVE your finds!! That was a great day, I am glad that you came with us!! Thanks for linking up.

  2. Holy MOLEY, you hit the motherload!!! I love days like that.... :)

  3. I love all the stuff!! So cute!.

  4. Woot woot! I was going to say you hit the motherload and then saw Nikki said the same thing:) Great finds! Cant wait to see what you do with them all

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. WOW! Great find!


  7. I found you from House of Grace. I just love the fact that you hit such a big garage sale!! I have never seen anything like that where I live. I find my best bargains at the Salvation Army, on their 50% off days.....



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