Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Hoped For a Little To Much Snow!!!!


Last week my family and I woke up to mounds and mounds of snow, leaving us trapped in for hours.  Not only were we trapped but we had to shovel as well.  Altogether it took us over 3 hours to shovel and right when we were getting finished… The plow came down our street. 


Yes you read that right, 53 Inches!!!127

My brother is standing right there!069

Can you see where the road should be?073

Here is our neighbor snow-blowing his driveway, he didn’t have as many helping hands as we do.028

Luckily he got some help!064054048047042 I would have to say that the wind chill was the worst part. As you can see everyone is covered from head to toe. 043045There are looking for the mailbox!!076 081  Despite the cold we had a lot of fun!085 091 095 108 110 120 121 124We finally finished!146

Did any of you get hit by this big storm?

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  1. Oh my goodnes!!! That's insane!!! Stay warm and have fun!



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