Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Winter Boots


Summer has officially come to an end and it is time for me to put all of my summer shoes away to make room for all of my  winter boots.122


As most of you might remember in my post, my bedroom, I have a 6 foot bookshelf with all of my shoes on it. With the weather getting colder, I need to change out all of my summer shoes with my winter boots.  While I was changing them, I came across a little bit of a problem, most of my boot wouldn’t stand up by on their own. 109


I found to piece of card board in the garage.103 

I traced a pattern onto the cardboard.105 

Then I cut them out.106  

Afterwards, I put the cut cardboard into my boot with the rounded side by the heal and the pointed side by the toe. 107


It really works to keep it standing up! :)110 

I moved some of the shelves around to make sure the boots fit.117


Now all of my boots can stand up straight and stay in great shape!!!  This was any easy fix.  Here is the best part, it didn’t cost me a thing and I love the way it looks!

What do you do with your winter boots?


  1. Looks so nice and neat! great idea for your boots.

  2. Looks super! I have not "winter" wear here in So. Cal. but I love it that you change everything out like that! So clever!

  3. Brilliant! I actually asked for "boot trees" for Christmas! I wish I had seen this first!!! Where did you get the shape for the cardboard or did you just wing it???? Xo, Pinky

  4. Hey Pinky,
    I actually got the shape from a boots that I bought last year and traced it out on cardboard. I hope you get your "boot trees"!



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