Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday #2


I am so glad that the weather is still nice because I am not ready to bring out my fall clothes yet.  Summer is the perfect season to dress like a lady.  I love wearing skits and dresses. If you take a look at my closet more than half of it is dresses and skirts!!! They are so fun and flirty!!!


This entire outfit cost me $13. Here’s how:139


My shirt was $5.99 and My head band was FREE (I barrowed it from my little sister Rachelle)Picnik collage


I couldn’t pass up this skirt for only $1.00 from a garage sale.137


The bracelet was $1.00 from a different garage sale 145


I got these shoes brand-new for $4.99  from Goodwill! 140

I am happy with a $13.00 outfit. Plus I love mixing and matching to make new outfits so when I am looking to buy something I always think about how many outfits I might be able to use it in that way you get more for your money!

What do you think, did I do okay?




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