Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oat Meal Cinch

I love Tasty Tuesdays!!! I love trying new things and sharing my ideas with you!

This morning I thought I would change up my breakfast a little bit and mix my Vanilla Cinch with my oatmeal.

The best thing about adding Cinch to my meals would have to be that I eat smaller portions! Even though the portions are smaller, the portions of protein are a lot higher! Leaving me eating less and staying full!  This is an easy and delicious way to change up your breakfast! 

Pour the oatmeal into a bowl.

Add the appropriate amount of water and cook as directed!

Now comes the Cinch!

Add a half a scoop of Cinch and stir it well!

  Pour as much milk and desired!

Stir and enjoy! 


I have also tried this with a few other flavors!  Chocolate being one of them!


Have you tried mixing your Cinch with anything? How was it? I would love to try it!

Or do you have any suggestions on what you might want me to try and post about? 

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