Monday, April 4, 2011

My Friends Wedding


I hope you had a great weekend!

I know that I had a great weekend. I went to my friends wedding in Ohio, I love taking road trips! 

If there is one thing that I love to do, it would defiantly be attending a wedding. The love that is shared between a husband and a wife is such a beautiful thing! There was something extra special about this particular wedding…


The bride and groom saved their first kiss for their wedding day! Yes, this was their first kiss!!!034 Oop… I caught the groom not smiling! 037They had their wedding in the basement of their church and decorated it themselves. With the help of both sides of the family of course! It looked beautiful!046 The cake was beautiful and delicious! 039 What a happy day for everyone!070  I also enjoyed dancing the night away with my boyfriend!075


Have you even been on a road trip before?
Where did you go?
What did you do?

Post a link below and I would love to check it out!


  1. Beautiful! :) Weddings are always sweet, and fun. :) I have never been on a road trip alone. Haha :) But with my hubby i have. We decided to go along what is called "The Great Ocean Road" in South Australia. It took us a week to drive there and back. :) Was a great trip. It was for our first anniversary!



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