Friday, September 9, 2011

Our One Year!

I hope everyone is having a great week and is ready for the weekend, I know that I am! 

This week Brandon and I celebrated our one year anniversary in sweet home Chicago! This week last year Brandon asked me to be his girl friend right next to the bean in Millennium Park. So we decided to go back to Chicago for our anniversary.


Can you believe that we have been dating for a whole year? It almost doesn’t seem real after everything that has happened. I can honestly say that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me!  

As you can see here, we could not ask for a better day.  The sky was blue all day long with just as much wind as you would expect from “The Windy City”. We started off our day at the Willis Tower. It was amazing I just loved it!willis tower

Next we went out to eat at Margaritavlle in Navy Pier. It was amazing, we got their signature drink “Big Rita” and got to keep the glass as well. Yumm…so good!


When I said windy, I meant windy! But it was worth every minute just to be with someone who loves me like he does. Navy Pier

We spent the rest of the time at Millennium Park! Isn’t it all so beautiful?Millennium Park

Oh and you can’t forget about the Garrett’s Popcorn! We picked some of that up right before we headed back!Garretts Popcorn


I can not ever describe how happy I am right now!

What kind of moments of memories make you feel so happy?

What did you do for your anniversary?


  1. Love all of these pictures! Happy Day to you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both! Gorgeous pics....happy you are so happy :)



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