Monday, October 24, 2011

Keep Your Nails Painted

When it comes to keeping your nails nice and long, nail polish will help to keep them strong and from breaking.  I polish my nails ones a week, even if it is just a clear coat.

105   Always use a clear base coat to protect the nails from discoloration. A top coat always works too! 069 Then use the color that you have chosen. Always use two coats.073 In this case I used a more shear sparkly second coat.081Don’t forget to use a tops coat to protect the color from chipping! 096

Day 11: Keep your nails painted

31 Days of beauty tips

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  1. I ALWAYS forget to use a clear coat before I paint. Right now I have a maroon color on. I am going to regret this later! I know it.

    I love your nails btw!

  2. Thanks Justine. I know what you mean about the maroon color on your nails. I use to do that all of the time I find that the color last longer as well with a base coat. Thanks for commenting I just love with I get comments.

  3. wow what beauty of your nails look awesome also like your nail paint.
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